POST /wopi/files/(file_id)ΒΆ

The PutUserInfo operation stores some basic user information on the host. When a host receives this request, they must store the UserInfo string which is contained in the body of the request. The UserInfo string should be associated with a particular user, and should be passed back to the WOPI client in subsequent CheckFileInfo responses in the UserInfo property.

The UserInfo string is provided in the body of the request, and has a maximum size of 1024 ASCII characters.

Note that WOPI clients will only call this WOPI operation if the host sets the SupportsUserInfo property to true in the CheckFileInfo response.

New in version 2015.08.03.

  • file_id (string) – A string that specifies a file ID of a file managed by host. This string must be URL safe.

Query Parameters
  • access_token (string) – An access token that the host will use to determine whether the request is authorized.

Request Headers
  • X-WOPI-Override – The string PUT_USER_INFO. Required.


The request body must be the full UserInfo string.

Status Codes