GetRootContainer (ecosystem)

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GET /wopi/ecosystem/root_container_pointer

The GetRootContainer operation returns the root container. A WOPI client can use this operation to get a reference to the root container, from which the client can call EnumerateChildren (containers) to navigate a container hierarchy.

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This operation is also exposed as a shortcut operation.

Query Parameters
  • access_token (string) – An access token that the host will use to determine whether the request is authorized.

Status Codes

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Standard WOPI request and response headers

In addition to the request/response headers listed here, this operation may also use the Standard WOPI request and response headers.


The response to a GetRootContainer call is JSON (as specified in RFC 4627).

All optional values default to the following values based on their type:


Default value




The empty string


Varies; see individual properties for details


Empty array


No properties should be set to null. If you do not wish to set a property, simply omit it from the response and WOPI clients will use the default value.

Required response properties

The following properties must be present in all GetRootContainer responses:


A JSON-formatted object containing the following properties:


The name of the container without a path. This value should match the Name property in a CheckContainerInfo response. Required.


A URI to the container, including a valid access token. Required.


This property includes an access token and thus has important security implications. See Preventing ‘token trading’ for more details.

Other response properties


Hosts can optionally include the ContainerInfo property, which should match the CheckContainerInfo response for the root container.

If not provided, the WOPI client will call CheckContainerInfo to retrieve it. Including this property in the response is strongly recommended so that the WOPI client does not need to make an additional call to CheckContainerInfo.

Sample response

  "ContainerPointer" : {
    "Url" : "http://.../wopi*/containers/<containerId>?access_token=<per_container_token>",
    "Name" : "Container Name"
  "ContainerInfo" : {
    "Name" : "Container Name",
    "HostUrl" : "",
    "SharingUrl" : "",
    "UserCanCreateChildContainer" : false,
    "UserCanCreateChildFile" : false,
    "UserCanDelete" : false,
    "UserCanRename" : false