Required for: iOS Android
GET /wopi/ecosystem

The CheckEcosystem operation is similar to the the CheckFileInfo operation, but does not require a file or container ID.

Query Parameters:
  • access_token (string) – An access token that the host will use to determine whether the request is authorized.
Status Codes:

See also

Standard WOPI request and response headers
In addition to the request/response headers listed here, this operation may also use the Standard WOPI request and response headers.


The response to a CheckEcosystem call is JSON (as specified in RFC 4627).

All optional values default to the following values based on their type:

Type Default value
Boolean false
String The empty string
Integer/Long Varies; see individual properties for details
Array Empty array


No properties should be set to null. If you do not wish to set a property, simply omit it from the response and WOPI clients will use the default value.

Optional response properties

Should match the SupportsContainers property in CheckFileInfo.


Since all properties in the CheckEcosystem response are optional, an empty JSON response is valid.