GetShareUrl (containers)ΒΆ

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POST /wopi/containers/(container_id)ΒΆ

The GetShareUrl operation returns a Share URL that is suitable for viewing a shared container when launched in a web browser. A host can support multiple Share URL types, as described by the SupportedShareUrlTypes property. The X-WOPI-UrlType request header contains the Share URL type that should be returned.

If the X-WOPI-UrlType header is not present or contains a value that is invalid or not supported by the host, the host should respond with a 501 Not Implemented.

  • container_id (string) – A string that specifies a container ID of a container managed by host. This string must be URL safe.

Query Parameters
  • access_token (string) – An access token that the host will use to determine whether the request is authorized.

Request Headers
  • X-WOPI-Override – The string GET_SHARE_URL. Required.

  • X-WOPI-UrlType – A string indicating what Share URL type to return. Required.

Status Codes

See also

Standard WOPI request and response headers

In addition to the request/response headers listed here, this operation may also use the Standard WOPI request and response headers.


The response to a GetShareUrl call is JSON (as specified in RFC 4627) containing the following required properties:


A URI that points to a webpage that allows the user to access the container. Required.

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