Post-Authorization token endpoint

The token endpoint URL (RFC 6749#section-3.2) is normally obtained from the initial unauthenticated call described at Bootstrapping OAuth2.

If the token endpoint URL cannot be determined before the end-user has completed the sign-in process, an alternative token endpoint URL may be supplied.

This is done via a tk= URL parameter appended to the value of the Location header from the 302 Found response at the end of the sign-in flow.


The contents of the tk= parameter must be URL encoded.

For example, to return the following information:

  • Redirection URI is https://localhost

  • Authorization code (RFC 6749#section-4.1.2) is “abcdefg”

  • Token endpoint URL is

The Location header in the 302 Found response would be:

Location: https://localhost?code=abcdefg&

As a result, all calls to the token endpoint for obtaining access token via authentication-code exchange, or refresh flows using the refresh token, will hit this URL instead of the one initially returned as described at Bootstrapping OAuth2.