Office for the web environments

Office for the web provides two environments for use by cloud storage partners. The WOPI discovery URLs for each environment are provided below.

Initially you’ll be given access to the test environment (also called ‘Dogfood’), and you should use that environment when building and testing your integration.

Once you believe you’re ready to release your integration, you can start the Launch process. As part of that process, your application will be given access to the production environment.

Test environment

The test environment is updated frequently - usually at least once a day - and all initial testing should be done against it. Initially this is the only environment you will be able to access.

The test environment runs the most recent Office for the web code available. This does mean that you may see features there that are not yet available in production. However, the WOPI interactions between Office for the web and your WOPI host should not differ dramatically between test and production. In addition, as part of the Launch process you’ll be given production access to verify your integration behaves as expected in that environment prior to release.

Because builds are deployed frequently to this environment, you may see regressions in behavior. However, the deployment cadence also allows us to push out changes quickly, so contact Microsoft if you experience any strange or unexpected behavior when using the test environment.


End users should not use the test environment. If you are making Office for the web integration available to end-users, you must use the production environment.

Production environment

The production environment is updated weekly. Once you’ve started the Launch process, you can request early production access to verify your integration behaves as expected in that environment prior to release.

Primary requirements for production environment


This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Hosts must use HTTPS in the production Office for the web environment. HTTP is not supported.

  • Domains on the WOPI domain allow list must be a WOPI-dedicated subdomain in production.

  • Domains must be owned by the partner.

  • Production changes can take 3-4 weeks to fully roll out; this includes domain changes.

WOPI discovery URLs


Discovery URL




These URLs are publicly accessible. However, you will not be able to invoke any WOPI actions successfully unless your WOPI domain has been added to the WOPI domain allow list.