Common implementation problems

When an Office for the web application loads, it immediately displays a ‘Session expired’ error

This is typically caused by supplying an invalid access_token_ttl value. Despite its misleading name, it does not represent a duration of time for which the access token is valid. See the documentation on access_token_ttl for more information.

The Office for the web applications don’t load in the correct mode; e.g. they load in view mode instead of edit mode

The most common cause of this behavior is that the action URL for the application is not being generated properly. Check that your action URLs match the templates provided in the urlsrc property in WOPI discovery. Common mistakes include removing required parameters from the query string or not properly removing/filling in Placeholder values.

After editing a document in Office for the web, opening the same document in view mode doesn’t contain the changes

The Office for the web applications utilize a cache, so the most likely reason for seeing stale content in view mode is because you have not properly updated the Version value you return in CheckFileInfo.

If you are providing a SHA256 value, ensure that this value is also recalculated properly when the file content changes.

When co-authoring in Office for the web, all users have the name “Guest”

Office for the web applications use the UserFriendlyName if provided, so check that you are providing that value in CheckFileInfo.